Staffies United Rescue (SUR) is a not for profit dog rescue. We are entirely managed and run by volunteers. We are dedicated to helping Staffies in need, improving the breed’s reputation and we are highly committed to educating the community about responsible pet ownership.

Have you been looking for your newest addition to your family? Do you have some space and time and want to help save a life by becoming a foster parent? We are here to match our dogs with the right families. Our dogs are our first priority and we make sure that we have the right fit for everyone.

We are a ACNC registered not for profit charity – animal rescue.

What we do:

  • Provide a loving and structured environment for every dog that we assist
  • Assist the community in rehoming English and American Staffies in Queensland (expanding where we can)
  • Complete the vet work – all dogs leave our care desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm tested
  • Place dogs in loving, responsible and committed family homes – following the adoption process which included taking care to find the best match for dog and family. Educate prospective adopters about their responsibilities and ongoing support for successful families
  • Promote and educate about responsible dog ownership and the importance of desexing and microchipping your dog.
  • Provide education, assistance and guidance to owners so that they can keep their dogs at home, with the last resort being surrender
  • Be respectful, compassionate and patient with our volunteers, community and our fellow rescue groups
  • Build relationships with other rescues and pounds to develop a network in order to create a better world for dogs
  • Manage our financial resources effectively and with transparency so that we can continue to be financially viable