Here are some frequently asked questions and responses to give you some easy access information. If you have a question thats not answered here please contact us via email or phone ~ our details are on the Contact Us page.


  • How long will I have a foster dog in my care?
    It varies depending on many factors and it’s something we cannot predict but expect to have a foster from 1 week to as long as 12 months.
  • Can I foster for short periods?
    Yes. Let us know and we can put you down as a temporary carer. A temporary carer can be someone who can temp care when another carer goes on holidays or if there’s an emergency situation and a dog has to come into care immediately. You could temp care that dog until a more permanent foster carer is available. Temporary carer’s are just as important as permanent carer’s.
  • Can I foster care with SUR if I already foster for another organisation?
    Yes. You will be required to let us know on you application. We do not mind if you are a foster carer elsewhere but we would not give you one of our dogs while you have another animal from another organisation in your care. This alleviates liability discrepancies for either organisation should there be an altercations between the animals.
  • What are the requirements my home needs to meet?
    You will need 5′-6′ secure fencing around your property or a large secure enclosure with plenty of shade. Easy access for the foster dog to inside and outside your home is preferred. For small puppies they will need to be kept inside in a puppy-proof environment. As part of the application process an inspection of your home will be completed to ensure that your home is appropriately set up and secure for foster caring.
  • How much time do I need to spend with the foster dog?
    The amount of time will vary based on the needs of the foster dog but the more time you spend with your foster the better. We do expect the foster dog in your care to be walked on a regular basis. Stimulating your foster dog will alleviate bad behaviour associated with boredom.


  • How do I get started?
    Firstly discuss it with your family as it’s important all family members are on board. Then email us or private message our Facebook page for a Foster Carers Application. Complete the application and return it to us, along with the supporting documents required. One of our Coordinators will be in contact to discuss your application and organise a home check. Once your application has been approved we will match you up with a foster dog.
  • I want to help but cant foster a dog, what can I do?
    We are not for profit so we rely on the kindness of strangers for donations of money or food. You can also sponsor a dog with regular donation to help them find their forever home or as a one off. We also need food and supplies you can contact us to find out what we need. Check out our Want to Help page.
  • Do I need my own transport?
    Ideally yes, so you can take your foster dog to and from appointments. We recommend meet and greets with potential adoption families be conducted on neutral territory so unless you have somewhere close to your home you will need to transport your foster dog. We may be able to help in some cases with transport so let us know if you have difficulty.
  • What happens if my foster dog needs emergency veterinary treatment?
    Contact SUR immediately as the cost of veterinary treatment is covered by SUR provided you contact us before seeking treatment. You will be required to take the dog to an approved SUR veterinarian. If you take it upon yourself to take the dog to a veterinarian without the approval of SUR you will be liable for all costs.
  • Who do I keep in contact with while fostering?
    We will allocate a buddy or Area Coordinator to assist you with everything you’ll need to know and any assistance you may need. We also require updates and photos of your foster dog which you can post on our Foster Carers Facebook page once you have been added.