Here’s what drives some of our team to invest their time with Staffies United Rescue:

My vision is to be part of creating a compassionate, strong and respected animal rescue. One that not only focus on Staffies in need but supporting the community as a whole and animal welfare worldwide. Providing education about the breed and responsible animal ownership. To stamp out backyard breeding and standing up against animal abuse. If we as a rescue group can help achieve these goals we will have contributed to making the world a better place.

I see SUR as a rescue that always puts the dog first by respecting it. We are about knowing each individual dog that comes into care and finding the perfect home for that dog. And we support the dog throughout its re-homing journey to ensure its transition is as stress free as possible. We are a rescue group that cares deeply about the dog.

I am involved in SUR to assist a very misunderstood breed to ensure they are treated with respect and consideration when trying to secure a longterm/furever home which all dogs not only want but deserve.

My aim is to work with and help this breed who have been given a not so good start to life. Ensuring each individual dog that I foster or rescue is given the best chance in life and is given all the love that they deserve. To educate people about the breed and show them it’s not the breed of dog but the way humans raise them. Helping the Staffies is what I will do for the rest of my life [❤]

I want Staffies United Rescue (SUR) to be a true representation of Staffies and Amstaffs……..Strong, dedicated and loving………..just as this misunderstood breed is by nature. I want us as a rescue, to be strong in our commitment to stand up & speak for these dogs, dedicated to saving & rehoming them and showing Staffies the love they deserve by providing loving forever homes. Helping, educating and supporting the community is only the start of SUR’s dreams and ambitions for this rescue.