Are you struggling with your dog? Do you need help?

We know sometimes circumstances may arise where you need to re-home your beloved dog.

Staffies United Rescue are here to help; a rescue organisation where possible can have a better chance at fostering and finding a furever home. We use our network of foster carers to keep our dogs out of the pounds. Pounds try to help but are quite often overwhelmed, and there is the unfortunate but unavoidable reality that a dog in an overcrowded pound that isn’t adopted may be put to sleep.

If you are considering surrendering your dog please contact us and we are happy to discuss and give you guidance and information.

If you choose to surrender your dog to Staffies United Rescue we have a surrender form we require you to fill out and sign.

For all adult dogs:

  • You must be the legal owner of this dog being surrendered to Staffies United Rescue.
  • By surrendering this dog to Staffies United Rescue you may be required to make a contribution if the dogs’ veterinarian work is not up to date and/or you am unable to provide veterinarian confirmation. This includes desexing, vaccination and any known ailments or diseases the dog has. You agree to a contribution of no less than $25, payable on the handover of the dog to Staffies United Rescue.
  • Supply a copy of  a current drivers licence to verify your identity.

For Puppies:

  • A member of Staffies United Rescue will discuss the importance of keeping puppies with their mother until they are of age to be weaned. If the puppies are not of age and you am unable to keep mother and puppies together you will allow SUR to take the mother until puppies become of age. If you plan to keep the mother you will agree for SUR to desex her before returning her and assist with the financial cost (up to $60).
  • The puppies will be desexed (when of age) and vaccinated (according to our vet’s vaccination schedule) and SUR will cover these costs.
  • If you choose to keep one of the puppies you will be held to the same standard as potential adopters, which include completing an adoption application, entering into an agreement and pay an adoption fee. you understand the adoption of a puppy is at the discretion of SUR.